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We will be adding to this page going forward. In the meantime, if you represent an organization with a unique UX Adtech Solution and would like to make us aware of the same for potentially listing here, please contact us. 


   UX Adtech Solutions and related providers



Permutive, an IAB Member, recently launched its Responsible Web Infrastructure; this is empowering a vast array of publishers, brands and Adtech companies to work together in using consumer data responsibly.

ExchangeWire Article about Permutive and Responsible Advertising. 



Impactify, also an IAB member specializes in UX Video Advertising Technology- provides Video Advertising solutions focused on User Experience and viewability. 

Impactify Article about why User Experience is central to Brand Safety 


Conceptual Video Platform Video Intelligence, contends that media consumption is full of distractions, irrelevance, and poor user experiences. The platform brings context to videos: using AI and automation to understand them, and place them in proximity with other, relevant content.


Audiencerate's platform and solutions allow marketers to rely on trusted, compliant data to run more effective digital advertising campaigns. The company's technology effectively bridges the gap between data providers, agencies, brands and publishers. Audiencerate is one of only eleven Google partners in this field. Google Audiencerate data partnership.



Our Concepts as potential UX Adtech Solutions 



Yes- we are at a very early stage in terms of discovering the realistic potential for our UX Adtech concept CASPAD. It is our aim to find a partner with whom to more fully explore this and scope out possibilties. A partner that can then take on design, testing and development as they create a working UX Adtech Solution (or solutions) of their own around the core elements of our concept. 


These would be Advertising Solutions designed specifically to improve the experience of the Device User in terms of how they engage with Digital Video Advertising.


Solutions that must address User concerns


As we see it the concerns of users in relation to digital advertising must be accommodated for in the design of any solution. 


These User considerations and more besides, will be more to do with actual operation and functionality of how ads are actually served to users- as opposed to more minor UX Design features for instance.


It is hoped that after addressing user concerns- in an effective and clearly communicable way - an improved Value Exchange built on trust can be created.  This all helping reset, to degree, the negative views held currently by many users in respect of Digital Video Advertising. The confidential details of our CASPAD concept show how all this is achievable. 


The payback for advertisers is that as a result of more UX Adtech Solutions emerging - less people choose to go Ad- Free or utilise Ad blockers for instance. This all resulting in improved KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for advertisers.


The payback for Ad Solution providers or those in related sectors is that as UX Adtech improves the connected experience of device users- the expectations of those users is likely to grow; driving the need for and development of further UX Adtech going forward.  



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