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CASPAD-UX Adtech Concept


Below is simply a high level non-confidential introduction to CASPAD. In order to view the Confidential Concept Overview pdf containing full details, please request the related Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) via our Contact page. 


Note: To prevent undue exposure, access to the the confidential pdf has been limited those organisations or entities considered likely to be in a position to have a genuine interest in potential future development.  See more on becoming our  Partner. 


Below is some general background as an introduction prior to viewing the main document itself.





For so long, users have been treated largely as a commodity to be exploited by advertisers.  Since everyone is seemingly connected all the time, on a variety of different devices as they access multiple providers, channels and platforms. Unfortunately for the user, this is because there is a price to be paid for this Consumption Utopia:Ads.


Whether driven by greed, opportunism or just plain assumption, the fact that the user is seen as being available to have an advertising message pushed at them is simply reality.


Yet, why not look at the users differently? Many users would likely give more in terms of their attention and response to an ad message, if they were given more respect in terms of how they were engaged by the provider/advertiser.  


Add to this recent and planned changes to user privacy regulations,  especially dropping the use of Third Party cookies, means that the ever hungry advertisers are looking for cost-effective ways to reach their audiences across multiple channels; ideally of course they are looking to do this with the right message at the right time. Further, obviously audience Retention is essential for any advertiser to ensure ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) is maximised. 


Our concept, CASPAD is specifically designed to increase the time users spend viewing digital ads served to them. We should point out that this is not all ads..but ads that are served via the CASPAD system.



User Focused


Our UX Adtech concept, CASPAD is focused on the user, and as a result ensures that the user enjoys greater control in terms of how they engage with digital video advertising, while at the same time..solving some of the key issues being faced by advertisers. Whether this is digital video advertising served over mobile, online, or connected TV and Streaming.


Putting the User Experience (UX) at the central point of our concept does nothing to detract from the benefits potentially to be enjoyed by the advertisers. Yes advertisers will see users differently, but we are beyond the point that should have already happened anyway.


Due to the way in which users are incentivised many will choose to become CASPAD enabled. By doing this a user in effect raises 'the value' of his or her online presence as far as how they will be served or reached with video ads.


On registration a user will also have the option to give their consent for their data to be used for the purpose of personalisation of ads; or instead simply become CASPAD enabled but without giving consent to data use. In this second scenario, despite the obvious limitation of not being able to personalize ads, a significant improvement in conversion statistics is still likely to be enjoyed as a result of digital video ads served to the CASPAD enabled user base.


So by focusing on the users' needs: CASPAD improves the quality of a users' experience whether online, mobile or via connected TV or Streaming. This it does whilst also allowing advertisers to enjoy improved conversions and ROI as standard, or still further improved if users consent to data use.


Concept - general outline 



CASPAD is a Disruptive Advertising concept born out of a realization that todays' increasingly savvy user has been largely ignored, or at least taken advantage of in terms of how they are served with Digital Video advertising. This applies to all video advertising attached to content served via mobile, TV, or other online channels- including streaming or gaming.


No matter the device, channel, application or content,  there is of course always a user involved. Therefore improving the experience of the user or UX, whist they interact or view the content- can increase the users view of a brand, or channel itself. Our concept is centered around this reality. It restores more control to the user in respect of their experience; whilst at the same time increasing the value for all providers in the chain, not least of which being the advertisers themselves.


Yet CASPAD is much more than just a better way of doing what was being done before. This concept offers to open up a wealth of new possibilities, to create additional value and revenue streams. 


Many users will also have consented to allow use of their data for segmentation ad personalisation purposes; something of great value to advertisers with the tightening of user privacy regulations. Our concept could offer much in terms of supporting the development of any First Party data strategy.


Advertising platforms and Video Media channels providing their customers access to CASPAD users are likely to see an increase in revenues. 


CASPAD disrupts the Digital Video Advertising market and to a degree other connected markets, at a time when UX (User Experience) considerations are helping providers, and brands differentiate themselves in an increasingly competititive space. 


Times are changing, fast. Users expect more from the brands they interact with while connected. This starts with advertisers understanding that the users' view of the brand, starts with the experience surrounding how that brand is presented to them. CASPAD offers much in this respect.

As a result it offers advertisers, publishers, ad platforms and many other related organizations, access to a more accepting audience. This at a time when the Industry as a whole is facing mounting headwinds from user disquiet.



If you represent an organization connected with the Digital Video Advertising Industry- and would like to view the confidential CASPAD Concept overview and find out more about what we are looking for in a partner please contact us.


We can then make arrangements to issue an NDA to be emailed to you for authorised signature.