Reimagining the User Experience Associated with

 Digital Video Advertising. 

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UX ADNET serves as a host for CASPAD- our unique UX Adtech Concept 


Our CASPAD Concept is focused on improving the UX (User Experience) as it relates to how Digital Video Ads- are presented to users. Afterall, the ultimate goal of most advertisers is increased sales, not views.


Because of this, the Concept also offers the potential to generate First- party data as users sign up to experience video Ad delivery that explicitly demonstrates to them, that their online experience does actually still matter afterall. This helping with brand loyalty, brand safety and the overall image of the advertisers involved.


We are looking for a partner


We are looking for the right Industry partner,  with the resources and expertise necessary to explore and fully realize the potential of CASPAD as their own solution. This would be in return for a nominal share of ongoing revenues generated from any final system or solution. So as a result we are using UXADNET as a base from which to introduce the concept- and to allow interested potential partners to register to view the same under NDA.




We see users as something more than simply captive viewers available to be marketed at just because they are consuming digital content; whether that is online, mobile or via connected TV and streaming.  In our concept we demonstrate the value in Adtech  that better aligns with user needs and expectations. 


These user expectations, in terms of how they spend their time and live their lives will continue to increase; largely driven by a demand for products and solutions that make their lives easier or better.  This as opposed to variables that disrupt their connected viewing experience.. such as Digital Video Ads. Obviously this is a real headache for the Digital Advertising Industry,  where the user audience is still central to every aspect of monetization.


As mentioned, we have created a UX Adtech concept designed to help address this quandary- and we are looking for a partner able to take on development and own the resulting solution/s in return for a small share of revenues created. 


Candidly- we add that we are primarily ideas people,  with only a rudimentary knowledge of the Digital Advertising Industry and the technical intricacies thereof. Does that fact discount us from coming up with a killer concept? Possibly of course, or possibly not.  Afterall sometimes the clearest vision can come from fresh eyes, unconstrained by thoughts of what has always been.


You will also find on our site a growing list of companies providing UX Adtech solutions or associated services. 


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