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Frequently asked questions



Why don't we develop concepts ourselves?



Simply the skills, resources and experience necessary are too great. We are primarily ideas people able to spot  potential opportunities; we rely on specialist expertise for verification, development and commercialization. 


Did you launch this website just to showcase CASPAD and find a partner to  develop it as their own solution?



Largely yes, although we also want UX ADNET to grow in terms of being a resource for UX Adtech solutions generally- and a place in which to showcase further UX Adtech concepts of our own.


How many concepts has UX ADNET been involved with?



CASPAD is our first.


Does UX ADNET intend to look at other areas of Digital Advertising.. or will your focus remain on Video Ads?



You will find us working where Ads are the most disruptive to users..thats all we know at this stage :)







Why do we offer such good terms to a potential partner?



The main reason why we offer the terms that we do is that without the right partner we have nothing. We want our concepts to turn into solutions;  that requires resource allocation, risk and time.. all of which has a cost. Since the partner will be shouldering those costs, we want our partner to know that the solutions created from our concepts are their solutions; to use and comericalize as they fit. We take a long term view..preferring to hopefully build our own name and reputation; largely because of the fact we will be associated with our partners success. This as opposed to just trying to turn a quick profit.  It is our hope also, that by ensuring we set our desired compensation at a very low rate..we remove the same from being a potential obstacle in proceedings.


So what are the terms UX ADNET would offer to a partner?



This is also covered in the Partnerships section of our site.

We would expect an ongoing share of revenue created(or other preferred financial compensation mechanism that is mutually agreeable). This would be based on revenues created from the solution/s involved. In principle this would be in the range of 2%-5% depending on the partner and the potential opportunity. This would apply to any solution/s created using the underlying concept going forward and also include licensing revenues.   


Would it be advantageous for a potential partner to have, or have access to an installed base of customers/users? 


For sure- isn't it always? This may be especially true when it comes to testing, launch and marketing for instance. However, at this point it is not seen as essential.. depending of course on the resources, reach and even vision of any potential partner. 


Is it possible UX ADNET could be talking to more than one potential partner at the same time?


Yes.. it is possible.


Would all company specific information discussed by a potential partner be treated as confidential by UX ADNET?


Yes. This would be written into the NDA we provide. However this would not apply to discussions specifically about our concept and its possible development, this is not least because it is possible more than one potential partner may have a similar vision. More on Partnerships.


How will we choose our ideal partner?


Feedback we receive from a potential partner should allow us to get a feel for how they envisage any potential application of the concept. This may cover many different areas, for instance, development approach, communication and feedback processes, usage quantification/ measurement, resource constraints and to allow us to set our expectations. We'll also hopefully get an idea about how potential deliverables and timeframes- and  also how any compensation mechanism could be managed. 


Why do we expect so much feedback from a potential partner?


We don't. We understand that feedback will vary from partner to partner. Obviously from our point of view the more the merrier. Yet we are realistic in our expectations and understand that it is both difficult and unwise to look to far into the future when their are so many unknowns. That however, in our experience is often the case with projects.. and why Proof-of-Concept and testing will obviously be important. It may be for example that a potential partner might  see for instance three potential applications/solutions for our concept; and that those solutions would each form a part of a larger overall solution. So the point we are making is everything will depend on the extent of opportunity envisaged by the potential partner. 


How long will the feedback process be?


Open-ended, once email communication has been established.


Projects go wrong, lose funding all time.. what would happen in this eventuality? 


Obviously all detail relating to potential partnerships/projects will be subject to a final agreement- and of course possible our chosen partner could decide to drop the project after it has begun, or put it on hold for instance. In this event as part of the agreement, we will be free to pursue alternative arrangements with a new partner.

Should the original partner decide for any reason to restart the project at a later date.. and create a solution/s utilizing the Concept concerned, into the agreement will be built a clause to cover this. A clause to the effect that UXADNET is again due financial compensation at the levels agreed in the partnership agreement.   


What happens if UX ADNET decides that the chosen partner has failed to live up to its obligations under the partnerhip agreement?



In such an event and as will be laid out in the partnership agreement, we will be entitled to ask for the situtation to be remedied to our satisfaction. Should an acceptable remedy not be forthcoming- the agreement will include a clause in effect allows us to end our compliance with the agreement; and again seek out a new partner. in respect of the original partners' commitment to the financial compensation element of the agreement, this will endure -at the agreed rate should the orginal partner continue on to develop products or solution based in any way on our concept.


Could a Consulting Partner potentially transition into being our Development Partner?


Yes, anything is possible - it would all be dependent on the specific areas of expertise, resources and ultimately vision of course.




Further Q & A will be added here soon.. in the meantime if you have specific questions please Contact us.